My Bloody Valentine!


Death By Chocolate!


Valentine's Day is approaching and what's a better gift than a box of delicious cookies?! Give them to that special someone or keep them all for yourself.


A Valentine's Exclusive Flavor! 

My Bloody Valentine: our signature red velvet cheesecake dough, white chocolate chips, and a red velvet Chips Ahoy in the middle!

Death By Chocolate: our signature chocolate dough, dark chocolate chips, and a dark chocolate Oreo in the middle!

Taking pre-orders until 11:59 pm on February 6, 2021.

Orders will be shipped out on Tuesday, February 9, 2021.

 If you would like to pre-purchase a box for shipping,

 please head over to the contact page, fill out your contact info, and in the message box fill-in :

Valentines Box

Allergies (If any)

Quantity (6 or 12), (One flavor or Half & Half)