Midnight Delights started as an idea during my freshman year of college. After many late nights studying (and other shenanigans) with my friends, we always found ourselves looking for something to satisfy those midnight cravings. Not much in the area was open, except for two fast food restaurants. Since these were the only options available and all the drive-thru lines were filled with college students, it just wasn’t worth waiting more than thirty minutes only to get some mediocre food. 

That's when the light bulb went off!


What if there was a place that delivered home-made, fresh, delicious cookies to the dorms and off campus housing students late at night? Something better than your typical drive-thru greasy grub. Something that brings a smile and fulfills those late night munchies. And with that, Midnight Delights was born. 


Through the Entrepreneurship program at FGCU, my idea blossomed. Here we are today. Growing and branching out from serving the Florida Gulf Coast Community, to offering our unique and mouth watering cookies to fans near and far.